Smart City Tour


Smart City Tour

"The increase of global smart city projects indicates that the industry is not only looking for future proof concepts, but also starting to implement them. This is also necessary to secure the energy supply for the generations to come. I am very much looking forward to this session, discussing the global status of smart city projects and the tremendous opportunities that they will give us."
Ger Baron, initiator of Amsterdam Smart City, Amsterdam Economic Board

Since its launch in 2009, the Amsterdam Smart City programme has become a benchmark in Smart City Development. Its Bottom-up approach, the open platform that has been created, the active involvement of citizens and most importantly, the tangible results, all contributed to that.

European Utility Week 2013 offers the opportunity to visit a selection of the leading Smart Initiatives in Amsterdam giving you the latest industry insights and the opportunity to:

  • Hear about the successes and challenges of established smart city projects
  • Network with people who deal with the same issues as you do and hear about their solutions 
  • Get in touch with end-users and hear about their experiences with smart energy initiatives 
  • Discover what partnerships are essential for a successful implementation of a smart city project

Pre-registration for the tours is closed. If you still want to participate, register for the event and check availability onsite, all tours depart from the main entrance at Wednesday 1 PM or Thursday 10 AM.

1. Sustainability Tour – Amsterdam Arena
In 2015 the Amsterdam Arena is aiming to become the first CO2-neutral stadium. Since 2011 almost 40 Green Deal partners are investing their time, knowledge and money in this ambitious plan.

A number of features have already been realized, since 2012 the building is using a district heating and cooling system, saving yearly 815 ton of CO2. A nearby lake is being used for their new cooling system, by using this system they are saving 75% of CO2 emission in comparison with traditional cooling systems.

Register today and see how the above mentioned systems work in practice.

2. Smart Consumer Tour: citizens as key pillars for the development of smart cities
The inhabitant % of global cities is growing fast, along with new challenges and opportunities in urban development.  Amsterdam Smart City (ASC) is creating a framework to transform Amsterdam into a global smart city.

This tour will give you the opportunity to visit the Mill of Sloten. This mill acts as information point for the different smart city projects within Amsterdam. These projects include sustainable living, working, mobility and public facilities. A main focus lies on the importance of consumer engagement in the further development of Smart Cities. 

3. Visit the smart grid network and business center of Liander
This tour will give you the opportunity to visit the first intelligent network of the Netherlands. This projects including 10.000 households of which the majority installed solar panels and smart meters.

The strength of this project lies in the fact that 90% of the network assets are being re-used, creating an excellent business case model.

The tour will also include a visit to the business center of Liander. This center is the control area to ensure the continuity of the network. Main focus will be on the implementation of a security system working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as well as the advanced Distribution Management System.

4. Visit the largest waste water treatment plant in Amsterdam (1 million p.e).
The limited space available to build this plant (only 12.5 ha) makes it extremely interesting for high density areas. Especially when you take into account that the process from design to operation took only 8 years instead of 16 years which is normally the case. With the largest Waste to Energy plant in the world nearby opportunities are realized on renewable energy production and upgrading waste to raw materials. After sludge digestion the sludge is incinerated at this plant. The biogas is upgraded and filled in the natural gas network. Cars of Waternet use this so called green gas for transport.

Other interesting aspects: Struvite is upgraded to fertilizer and heat of the Waste to Energy plant is used at the waste water treatment plant. These successful projects stimulate more and more stakeholders, which lead to complete new and innovative business models.