Albert Cheung
Head of Energy Smart Technologies
Bloomberg New Energy Finance


Albert leads the Energy Smart Technologies (EST) practice at Bloomberg New Energy Finance. The EST team, consisting of analysts and researchers around the globe, produces in-depth research and analysis on emerging technologies such as the smart grid, energy storage, energy efficiency and advanced vehicles. Albert’s team advises utilities, technology companies, investors and policymakers across these fields. Albert's own research work is focused on the digitisation of energy, including smart grids and demand response globally. He has authored numerous research papers and speaks at international conferences and on Bloomberg TV. Albert also led the research efforts of the Consortium on Digital Energy throughout 2009-2010, a multi-stakeholder industry initiative focused on strategies for smarter energy. Albert has previously worked as a consultant at Booz & Co, and studied for his MEng in Electrical & Information Engineering at the University of Cambridge and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.